Thinking Outside the Box for Oil & Gas Projects

Combining technologies to create an innovative solution to increase efficiency at our client's jobsite.

At Verdanterra, we are always looking for new ways to help our clients solve problems. Building well pad sites often brings many contractors and equipment to a confined area to both store materials and work on the site. Earlier this year, our UAV Manager Logan Hintze thought about how using UAV technology and GIS mapping could better organize the jobsite to be more efficient for the client, and the contractors entering it.

Equipment at these tightly-designed well pads needs to be placed with precision. The traditional approach is to hand-paint lines on the well pad to help direct workers and equipment staging areas. But doing this creates safety issues and communication risks, as the effort requires additional manhours on site while heavy equipment is operating. Logan recognized this concern and sought to technology used in other industries to help automate this process.

“When precision, efficiency, and repeatability are required, we’ve found that some form of automation should assist in execution. This robotic layout system is one of these innovative solutions.” – Logan Hintze

A robotic painting machine is often used in the transportation industry to paint lines on roads and highways. Using UAV to remotely collect pad data, GIS and CAD to create a georeferenced map and layout, and then incorporating this data into a robotic system would not only increase efficiency on the site, but it could all be done quickly and unmanned, reducing safety risks and liability issues. The workflow has since been executed successfully across numerous sites, saving our clients time and money.

Verdanterra prides itself on solving problems for our clients, and we understand that often the best solutions are found outside the norm. Stay tuned to see more of this new service.


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Consultants are hired to solve problems. At Verdanterra, we understand that often the best solutions are found outside the norm. Our team’s diverse professional background leads to complete issue definition and understanding, which fosters a better decision-making process. We see problems differently, and we seek to create solutions to improve processes for our clients.

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