Permitting and Due Diligence

We manage the complex regulatory requirements, so our clients don’t have to.

Our interdisciplinary expertise drives Verdanterra’s approach to due diligence. Our staff members have backgrounds in law and regulatory analysis, natural resources assessment, civil engineering, and project implementation and controls. We draw on these diverse backgrounds to create project-specific deliverables – whether they be comprehensive reports, regulatory matrices, illustrative map figures, or project schedules and cost estimates – that are accurate and reliable.

Environmental Permitting

Identifying regulatory drivers and stakeholder issues that could impact a project’s development and cost, require an interdisciplinary team experienced with the regulatory process. Our team members have experience working throughout the US and have a deep understanding of the data required for compliance with state and federal regulations including the Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, National Historic Preservation Act, and National Environmental Policy Act. Our staff has long standing relationships with state and federal agencies that allow for a smooth permitting process by identifying and addressing agency concerns early on in the process. We work closely with our clients to help ensure regulatory compliance and inform decisions from initial project conception through construction. Together, we can build a successful strategy for your project’s environmental permitting and assessment needs.

Asset Acquisition and Sale Support

When assets are acquired or clients are preparing to sell assets, Verdanterra can help evaluate and prepare necessary documentation to support this effort. This includes helping to develop compliance summaries that define operational obligations, as well as estimate the costs associated with maintaining compliance on newly acquired assets. Our staff also has experience assisting with the preparation of asset packages for sale. We can create similar materials for consideration in valuing potential acquisitions and identify infrastructure that is out of compliance or missing required environmental permits or licenses. We can also assist in acquiring approvals or developing the supporting documentation necessary to apply for such approvals.

Development Plan Due Diligence

Verdanterra can provide third-party review for firms seeking due diligence on prospective development plans, including equity firms or banks review of funding opportunities. In these instances, we review development plans, budgets, and project schedules to assist in determining when proposed assets might be operational and returning revenue. Often, we offer assistance with refining project plans, project siting and routing, and future site prospecting.

Permitting and Due Diligence Project Experience

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