Environmental Inspection and Compliance

Environmental regulatory inspection and compliance is an important part of project success and long-term sustainability of company operations.

Many linear construction projects require compliance with complex environmental regulations and state specific standards. Verdanterra’s experts can help ensure your project is meeting all applicable Federal, state, and local environmental regulations and guidelines so you can stay on schedule and within budget. Verdanterra’s team of experienced environmental monitors and compliance inspectors are available to assist you with every facet of environmental regulations, mitigation measures, and other requirements imposed on construction projects.

There’s a wide variety of regulatory drivers which guide the implementation of environmental permit conditions. Verdanterra regulatory experts can help break down the complex environmental permit conditions into simple easy to understand environmental compliance plans to help comply with environmental standards coming from sources such as Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulations, Endangered Species Act (ESA), Clean Water Act (CWA), and Clean Air Act (CAA).

Our Services Include:

  • Conducting construction compliance monitoring including rain event inspections
  • Coordinating permit conditions, procedures, and regulations with construction staff
  • Designing cost-effective Best Management Practices (BMP) for challenging conditions
  • Maintaining on-site environmental regulation records
  • Preparing and conducting environmental compliance training 
  • Developing compliance checklists to ensure daily operations satisfy regulations
  • Serving as a liaison with Federal, state, and local regulatory staff
  • Preparing regular environmental compliance reports
  • Recommending proactive corrective actions to resolve non-compliance situations
  • Drafting and negotiating variance requests
  • Supporting BMP and environmental feature stakeout services
  • Third-party inspection services
  • Developing compliance management plans
  • Providing post-construction inspection and documentation including wetland mitigation monitoring

    Environmental Inspection & Compliance Projects

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