Industrial UAV and Robotics Services

Rapid site mapping or monitoring with state-of-the-art industrial drones.

Verdanterra utilizes state-of-the-art drone hardware with industry proven mapping and inspection software, to provide our clients with rapid site mapping and monitoring services. Whether your site or operation is large, small, or remote, Verdanterra can provide high quality and accurate imagery with the efficiency of web-hosted data services and dedicated Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) pilots.

We tailor our UAV services to our clients’ needs through integration with our land survey, engineering, environmental, GIS, and inspection experience to provide an efficient turnkey solution.

Improving Field Safety Risks with UAVs
Safety is Verdanterra’s highest priority. We are proud of our safety record, and we strive to reduce potential risks throughout our involvement in projects. Safety risks are present whenever field hours are involved. UAVs simply reduce both the type and extent of risk exposure for field staff. Large acreage projects and operations can be mapped and paired with aerial inspection data in a matter of hours, versus conventional methods which could take a number of days or weeks, exposing field staff to safety hazards. With the right project, UAV operations can drastically cut field exposure time, and nearly eliminate the need to traverse rough and unstable terrain when collecting data.

Energy Project Support

  • Aerial Imagery and Mapping
  • Site Overview Imagery
  • 3rd Party Status Reporting
  • Mobilization Planning Data
  • Contractor Audit
  • Video Time-Studies
  • Route Development Planning
  • Slip Monitoring
  • Facility Design Site Mapping
  • Permitting and Regulatory Compliance
  • As-built Survey Support
  • Material Quantity Audits

Construction Phase Support

  • As-built Condition Mapping
  • Earthwork Volumetric Analysis
  • Construction Monitoring
  • BMP Quantity Audits
  • Pre / Post Site Comparison
  • Permit LOD Compliance

Survey, Environmental, and Engineering Support

  • Site Imagery
  • Aerial Mapping
  • As-built Documentation
  • Rooftop Inspection
  • Remote / Hazardous Site Mapping
  • BMP Inspection
  • Restoration Documentation
  • Facility As-Builts
  • Cell Tower Hardware
  • Wind Turbine Rotors
  • Meteorological Towers

Project Experience Examples

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