Environmental Assessment

Thousands of miles of linear infrastructure projects across the US. Responsive and cost-effective field services.

Our company offers responsive and cost- effective environmental assessments, by field scientists who understand the demands and needs of the energy industry. Our staff is aware of constructability constraints and understand landowner and stakeholder engagement. We provide assistance with projects in development as well as those requiring compliance while in construction.

Natural Resource Field Assessment

Verdanterra’s wetland ecologists, wildlife biologists, and soil scientists are experts in conducting natural resource field assessments. We are experienced at performing field assessments on complex linear projects, such as pipelines and transmission lines. We understand the challenges of spanning regulatory jurisdictions and what is required to meet state and federal requirements. Our staff understands the value of rapidly collecting high-quality and defensible data to help keep our clients’ projects moving forward.

Our field-based services are a core service offering of our business, and we have the capacity and expertise to supplement your team or lead field-based programs. With decades of experience in the environmental consulting field, our team knows permitting and design constraints and will alert the project team early to potential critical issues.

Wetland and Waterway Delineations

Our scientists have experience delineating and permitting projects across the continental U.S. We solve problems for our clients as they relate to wetland and waters by identifying resources, evaluating functions and values, mitigating impacts, permitting actions, and monitoring restoration.

Our solid working relationships with regulatory agencies, and regulatory knowledge and scientific expertise are well respected within the industry. To support these efforts, Verdanterra employs an experienced team of regulatory experts who are well-versed with various wetland ecosystems to best support our field practices across the US.

Endangered and Protected Species Habitat Assessments

Verdanterra designs and performs baseline wildlife surveys, habitat identification, and develops impact analyses and management plans for a variety of energy, transportation, government, and commercial industries. Our experienced biologists maintain permits and certifications to perform wildlife studies in various ecosystems around the country, with a focus on rare, threatened or endangered species. Our Certified Wildlife Biologists (CWBs) routinely perform surveys associated with major infrastructure projects, including highly visible, FERC-regulated facilities such as gas pipeline and hydroelectric projects.

Environmental Assessment Project Experience

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