Regulatory Due Diligence

Driven interdisciplinary expertise.

Environmental Permitting

Our staff excels in identifying regulatory drivers that define project development costs and timelines. Our interdisciplinary expertise in Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, National Historic Preservation Act, and National Environmental Policy Act compliance allows us to inform client decisions from initial project conception through construction. Our area of greatest strength is providing the regulatory and permitting support for gathering and small-to-midsize midstream programs.

Natural Resource Field Assessment

Interdisciplinary expertise providing accurate and reliable comprehensive reports, regulatory matrices, illustrative map figures, project schedules and cost estimates deliverables.

Wetland and Waterway Delineations

Compliance summaries and matrices that set forth operational obligations, estimate the costs associated with maintaining compliance assisting with the preparation of asset packages for sale.

Endangered and Protected Species Habitat Assessments

Prospective development plan support the review of funding opportunities, project plan refinement, project siting and routing, and future site prospecting.