About Verdanterra

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  1. (of countryside) green with grass or other rich vegetation
  2. of the bright green color of lush grass




  1. land or territory
  2. the planet earth

Verdanterra, LLC is an environmental field services company that recognizes that quality does not need to be sacrificed to gain efficiency. Our team addresses the environmental and regulatory issues that face the energy industry, with a particular focus on the oil & gas midstream marketplace.

Who We Are

As a rapidly growing provider in the environmental field services market, Verdanterra is a group of innovative, driven professionals who are keen to assist the energy industry take projects from concept to reality on efficient timelines. Our group has strong ties to the oil & gas industry, with a particular focus on midstream gathering. We have supported other major linear infrastructure development, such as electric transmission and renewable energy generation projects. Collectively, we possess decades of experience in the energy industry, having assessed projects located across the nation.

What We Are About

Consultants are hired to solve problems. At Verdanterra, we understand that often the best solutions are found outside the norm. Our interdisciplinary group comes from diverse professional and educational backgrounds. This diversity leads first to more complete issue definition and better issue understanding, which in turn leads to a better decision-making process. We see problems differently, but also see the potential solutions differently. Often our solutions help address issues at base levels so that programmatic efficiency improves.

We provide efficient answers to complex questions. That means commitment to everything from cutting-edge technology to old-fashioned customer service. At Verdanterra, our core values are Integrity, Quality, Creativity, and Efficiency.